Thursday, September 30, 2004

The problem with journalism...

Somehow it's actually been a fairly busy week. I'm not sure how that happened. I was out late last night on assignment, and the story was due this morning, so I feel that the story, well, blew. Sigh. Other than that, just a lot of work and reading. Tonight Michelle is hosting a dinner party of sorts of math people, which means I am too by extension. Also tonight is the presidential debate, which I must watch and write a story about. So tonight, yet again, will be a busy night, although hopefully not quite as late as last night.

Somehow I've got to find three international students to interview who watch the debate and care enough to comment about it. Good luck, me. I feel like finding these people might be kind of challenging. And I hate just calling normal people cold and asking them things that most likely they won't know or care about. I love journalism, but my reluctance to bother people is often tested, especially in this workshop. Hopefully more will become clear in this afternoon's lab section.

Bleh. I really can't wait until this weekend.

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