Thursday, October 07, 2004

The marathon is nigh.

One more class, some last minute preparations, and a day of work tomorrow and we are off to the marathon! I've overcome some hurdles, namely coming up with a research paper topic proposal for today, and pulling together my research for J505. So that's nice. I'm really excited about going, but a large part of that excitement is the prospect of spending time with absent friends: Mark, of course, and Margaret, but also Hannah, who I recently got back in touch with. Hopefully we'll be able to make all of that work.

I had a sad moment today in class when we critted a news story about the ROTC. The prof, a sugary, smug woman that I like less and less as time goes by, was asking our group about a portion of the story we had rewritten, and she asked me why else would someone want to join the Army, and I just said, "Well, I wouldn't know." I couldn't really keep my mind on things after that, thinking of Sean and especially Dan. It's sad, but it seems that the focus in the media and presidential race is the soldiers currently fighting in Iraq, which is of course an important issue. But I can't help but think, what about the ones who have died, like Dan? They throw that number around quite a bit, but they never mention the families of that 1000. And the friends.

So...yeah...I've moved on with my life, I suppose, but I will never be able to forget the haunted face of Dan's fiancee as she stood before his coffin to say her last goodbyes...

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