Friday, December 17, 2004

What are we all doing here?

Reading up on a few of my friends' blogs lately has caused me to think. What in the hell are blogs, anyway? It's an online journal, but not a true one. Why would anyone want to put their private thoughts up for all to read? I don't believe you can be true to your thoughts in a place that's so...public, I guess, for lack of a better word. Maybe some can...I don't know. I know I can't, at least. My most private thoughts stay that way. Only the strongest feelings leak out...the frustration of living apart from Mark and of not knowing the future, but also of course the happiness and satisfaction of living on my own and succeeding, as well as those random, priceless moments when everything is beautiful.

Of course, everyone is different. I just find it interesting that here we having hundreds of thousands of lives on display. I think the phenomenon is related to that of reality television (which I can't stand the vast majority of the time). I wonder why people want to show themselves in such a way.

For me, it's just a chance to express myself. It doesn't matter if people read it...the words have been written and there's the potential for them to be read, which I believe is important. If I want to be read, I can write for a newspaper. If I want to write whatever I feel like writing, I can come here, and somehow it feels more "official" than just writing it in my notebook.

Well, that was meandering and mostly pointless. Just something I think about when I'm reading blogs.

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