Saturday, December 11, 2004

One third done.

I have finished my first semester of graduate school. Finals week, by the way, has not even started yet, but I am done. I hope it's this easy for the remaining two semesters. If it's still easy next semester, I might take four classes next fall. That of course depends on whether or not I get an internship this summer. If I don't, I'll take summer classes. If I do, I'll have to make the decision whether or not to go insane next fall and finish up, or drag it the hell out and not graduate until a year from this May. Uuugh. Everything was so simple when I was an undergrad.

In other news, Mark couldn't make it down this weekend, but Margaret and Tim came down from Galesburg. We went out last night and had a good time. We tried Axis first because I've heard it's a good place to go dancing, but it kinda sucked, to be honest. Next we tried the gay bar under Second Story, which was a vast improvement. The only difference was that instead of heterosexual couples and women dancing on each other, there were also men dancing on each other. And some butch-looking women. So, kinda different from what I'm used to, but honestly, I liked it more. The music was better, for one thing. Yay, gay bars. Tonight we're going to one of Michelle's friend's parties, and before that we might go hang out with some of my friends at a karaoke bar, of all places. We'll see what happens. I've been massively social lately, although it's still hard to get myself out the door. Once I get there though, I do have a good time.

Mark's coming down next weekend, although I have to work both days so we won't have a whole lot of time together. Better than nothing though! And then he's coming for New Year's too (although I'll still be working every day).

Whew. The family is trying to work out when we're going to have Christmas. All we know is it won't be on the 25th. Mom and Dad are going to Florida on vacation from Christmas to New Year's, so we're going to have a pseudo-Christmas. I was hoping for next week when I have Thursday off, but Thomas won't be done with his finals yet, so it's probably going to end up being some weekend in late January or February, at this rate. Awesome. =) But I agree with my parents: I think it's important to have that special holiday feeling and a special family time, even if it's just for a few hours. It doesn't matter when it is, as long as the feeling is there.

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