Thursday, February 10, 2005

The end in sight

So the big news is that the LDR will end in the near future. Yes indeedy, Mark is moving down here for sure after he graduates in June. Tomorrow on my lunch break I'm going to go have a look at an apartment for us. He doesn't have a job pinned down yet, but I believe that when the year advances a bit, he'll be able to take advantage of one of the fair number of opportunities down here. If not here, he's sure to find something in Indianapolis, although neither of us are excited about a 60 minute commute. Even with that, it will be worth it simply because living together will save us both so much money. Still, my guess is he'll get something slightly less glorious here right at first, gain some experience, and then after a year or so start getting after the really good jobs.

So, there's that. He's taking a plunge here and I hope it's worth it.

The Knoxians' visit this past weekend was fantastic. I had to go to the opera on Friday night and had made a comment before about how I expected them to be drunk and naked by the time I got back, so Margaret and Drew locked me out of the apartment when I got back and stripped down to their underwear. Gotta love these people. I got caught up on the drinking and we had a good time. The next day Margaret made this absolutely awesome Indian dish with rice and veggies and some mad spices. I couldn't get enough. When the leftovers ran out, I was sad. My only regret of the weekend was that we didn't go out, but honestly the great conversations we had on Saturday night more than made up for it. You can go out anytime, but hanging out with old friends is something to be savored. Good times, all around. Next weekend I'm heading up there, and it looks like Margaret will be around that weekend, so Michelle might come with me. We might run the DMR. =D

Things are good with Sean, it looks like. He's lonely, but life in Baghdad is apparently not as bad as anyone thought it would be. He's doing VIP security at a base. The rest is classified I guess. Trippy. I had rather naively pictured him huddled in a sandblown tent, dodging bullets day and night, or at least that's the first image that came to mind.

My motivation seems to have fled again...maybe I'll take a nap. =P

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