Saturday, February 12, 2005


I found us the perfect bedroom with a breakfast bar and a free microwave when we sign the lease--so the two big things I don't have (kitchen table and microwave) are taken care of. Water and trash are paid, leaving just electric. The location is perfect too, and the residents are mostly grad students living alone, so no loud parties. The landlady, for another thing, is really nice. All this for $425, which is definitely on the lower end. I had had my eye on this place for some time, and since nothing I saw changed my mind and just made me feel better about it, and there was one unit left available in June, I decided to go for it. Mark and I both have our applications and the security deposit in, so soon we'll get a lease and possibly this microwave we keep hearing about.

Mundanity aside, I see this as the final test in a relationship that has withstood every other and only grown stronger. We have proven we can live apart; now we just have to prove to each other and to ourselves that we can live together in two small rooms. And I really feel that things are going to be wonderful. I just have a good feeling about all of this. Many things may happen in the next four months, and some of them may be bad, but I know I can deal with everything that comes because at the end Mark will be there. I don't know what it is, but he just has this way of pulling me out of the worst moods imaginable and turning it all around, shining it up and making it look okay again.

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