Monday, February 21, 2005

Night driving

There are times when, driving at night, I feel I have slipped into another world. The trip back from Knox was one of those. It was made eerier than usual by a layer of fog shrouding the road. And of course, driving so late, there is almost no one on the road. As a whole, the weekend was mostly low-key and really rather good. I finally saw Spider-Man II, which I found bizarre and not really very good compared to the first. The writers threw all these incredibly devestating problems and situations at Peter Parker, which I know is part of the story, but damn! Lay off! And then, as if they finally began to feel sorry for this tortured soul, they slapped this hurried-sounding ending on that completely belied the tone of the rest of the movie. Hmmm. And the fight scenes were really not all that exciting. Hopefully the next one will be better. I also saw Napoleon Dynamite again. That has got to be the most random movie I have ever seen, but damn funny. I can't get over the fact that Napoleon's hair is identical to Mark's older brother's hair. If it was dark, it'd look pretty much like Mark's hair. I find curly hair to be an endless source of entertainment, apparently. Teehee. Anyway, overall, the weekend was good, although I was disappointed because we were not able to put together an unattached DMR (distance medley relay) at the meet, and we didn't really hang out with Ellie at all. But that's over and I have to get back into my academic mind-set, or lack thereof.

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