Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A bit of a rant.

What would you do in this scenario?

You are to see and review a play at 8 p.m. You have been given the name of a theater and upon looking this theater up on the IU Theatre and Drama homepage, you have found an address which matches that of the IU Auditorium, which you have been to before. Therefore you assume that said theater is either inside the IU Auditorium building or in its immediate vicinity. When you arrive at the auditorium at 7:55 p.m., you find the outer doors locked and not a soul in sight. Upon walking along the side of the building for a ways, you still see no one. It is frigid and you are not wearing a hat.

Well, I fucking went home. Today I discovered that this theater is apparently behind the IU Auditorium, which makes it on Jordan Avenue, not Seventh Street, as was listed on the web site. I just don't understand how I was supposed to have known this. Everyone else in the class apparently did, but I did not. In other words, I was made to feel like a huge ass.

I am so weary of school. I don't think the workload has increased considerably from last semester; it's certainly no Knox in terms of pure amount. But there are a great many more separate assignments, and when I am also putting in 25 hours of work each week in addition to writing reviews for the IDS you start to see how pressed I am for time. Not badly, no--there are certainly enough hours in the day. But in terms of focus and concentration, I'm finding it difficult to devote enough time to each assignment. Each day I have six to seven hours at night to do work. Two of these are taken by running, showering, and eating dinner. That leaves about four or five, which is often disrupted by some event or other at night, such as last night, when I wasted about an hour trying to see this damn play. And now tonight, once again, I'm off to campus to try it again, meaning I will now have about two hours to 90 minutes to finish up two assignments (more if I want to cut into sleeping time, which I am less and less willing to do).

Anyway, it's plain to see I'm in a bad mood. I know no one really reads this, so fortunately I'm probably not contributing to anyone else's bad mood.

This better be a damn good play.

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