Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A new month, a new me?

Well, not so much, since March apparently thinks it is actually January. It's cold and has been snowing off and on all day. Stupid Midwest.

But, in fact, something quite momentous occurred today: I landed a job interview at the National Educational Service, which does something very important, I'm sure. I'll get back to you on what ( =) ), but suffice it to say that the position entails WRITING! Which is WHAT I WENT TO COLLEGE FOR! Yes, this is a big deal to me, as I've spent the past eight months binding books. I really enjoy working at Tichenor, but I can't pass up an opportunity to write and be paid for it. And if what Liz says is true, I will paid fairly well for it. If I get this job, I'm not even sure the offer of an internship could tear me away from a summer in Bloomington. Also if I get this job, it will most likely mean that I will leave Tichenor, but I would definitely hope to go back for the Fall 2005 rush, and get some massive overtime excitement in plus big $$. If that were to happen, not only could I pay for my summer classes, but my fall classes as well without taking out any more loans which would pretty much make me the happiest person ever. Whew. I'm still worried that NES would not be able to meet my needs in terms of flexibility, for instance the Thursday-Friday I need off for spring break, coming up in just over a week (::jumps up and down::). I guess that's really about it, but then I'll have a different schedule during summer session I, and then complete freedom thereafter, and then Fall 2005 schedule, which may be all night classes if I can swing it.

Oh. The other massively awesome thing about NES is that it is located on Kirkwood, pretty much across the street from my bank, and is within a fair walking distance from Sunflower, which means I could walk to work this summer. Freeing up my car would be really nice if Mark can't find a job right away--that would make it really easy to share the car, and that way we'd save some money. I'm already looking forward to not spending a fortune on gasoline all the time to visit him. So. Yes. I really want this job. I just hope they are able to be flexible and pay me more than Tichenor.

I'm feeling pretty stressed right now about classes, with two assignments due tomorrow, and another due Friday (which basically means Thursday for me because of work--thanks a lot, Jacobi). But by tomorrow at this time, my stress level will be pretty much nil, since nothing is due until after spring break. I can leisurely work on my paper for 510 and also the reconstruction assignment for 560.

My entire existence is tinged with promise right now...it's enjoyable in the way dissonance is enjoyable--in the hope for resolution.

Happy March!

P.S. I think I actually do have SAD, or at least a mild case. I looked up the symptoms, and I have um...them all. To some degree. The past few days have been kind of rough. But, yeah...with March comes some hope of sunlight and warmth. So it'll be beat.

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