Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dreary but somehow not too bad

Words seem to be kind of failing me right now, so writing my review of The Jacket which I just saw doesn't seem to be a good activity. I just went running too, so maybe after that and a shower (and some free writing in this blog) I'll be able to finish it. Anyway, the day is dreary and pretty cold, and I was in a really bad mood and felt sick earlier, but now I feel a lot better about everything. Mark called and left me a voice mail during the movie to let me know that he was fifth in the hurdles and had another career PR of 8.66. That means he ran 55 meters while leaping over several (either 5 or 6) hurdles, all of which come up to just below my breasts, in 8.66 seconds. So I felt happy for him, and of course it's always nice to get a message from him. Also I just felt better in general after the movie, even though the movie was rather dark and bleak (albeit with a happy ending).

Yesterday Mom came up to visit me. We went to eat at Shanti, which is an Indian restaurant down on Kirkwood, and it was really, really good. I was hungry, which may have been part of it, but still. Then we went to this used bookshop that Mom used to go to when she was a student here called The Caveat Emperor. I kept finding stuff I wanted, and Mom ended up just buying them for me, although I paid for the discount card. So now I have a discount card. Awesome. I got a Pushkin collection, a book about nonfiction writing, Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion, a collection of short stories by David Guterson, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, and Alice Sebold's memoir, Lucky. Let me just say that I absolutely love used books. LOVE THEM. Cheap and just as good as new in my opinion. As if I need more books. But damn, I love to buy them. Mom also promised to let me borrow her Reading Lolita in Tehran and I can have my Anna Karenina back finally. After we got back from dinner and the bookshop, we watched The Matrix (Mom's suggestion, no joke). And then Mark called to tell me he'd made the finals of the hurdles with a career PR.

So, back to today. Must write review of The Jacket and send it in before 2 p.m. tomorrow. Must read Hiroshima for LitJ. Should probably think about considering looking over the readings for 510. But other than that the stress is largely over for now, I think. As long as I do a little work throughout spring break, nothing about the rest of this semester should be nearly as stressful as what has already occurred.

Oh yeah! The job interview went really well, I think. Unless I am just hopeless at reading people, I really feel like I have the job. I'll know for sure on Tuesday. Monday I'm going to drop off a few writing samples--hopefully that won't change their minds. =) So hopefully on Wednesday when I leave for Knox I'll have more reason than one to celebrate. It didn't sound like I would get very many hours to start with, but she said it would likely expand. And either way, I think this would really be folly to pass up.

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