Thursday, March 03, 2005

The fiasco continues.

I completed my review of "MASTER HAROLD"...and the boys last night around midnight and today during my lunch break I drove down to campus to print it out. Normally to do this I park, admittedly illegally, right outside the Ernie Pyle loading dock. Everyone and their brother does this. Since there is NOWHERE ELSE to park during the day on campus within a mile, I had no choice. It probably would have been fine this time, as it has been countless other times, if this girl in the grad lounge hadn't chosen to print out half a ream's worth of paper (this is double-sided, I might add) all in a row. I had to wait almost a half hour for her to finish. Then the paper ran right in the middle of my print job, so I had to go hunt down more paper. Suffice it to say, by the time I made it back out to my car 45 minutes later, I had a $50 parking ticket awaiting me. If the printer bitch had been within arm's reach at that moment, I likely would have picked her up and thrown her into the Jordan River (but not before forcing her to write me a check for $50). All I can say is, I'd better get an A on this damn review.

Anyway, for some reason this didn't ruin my day, which in itself makes me feel good. A month ago I would have been devastated. So...yeah. Sucks about the money, but I am able to cover it, so it's not the end of the world.

Job interview tomorrow. Spent 30 minutes picking out an outfit. Jeez. Nervous.

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