Monday, April 11, 2005


After a stressful week and weekend, I am declaring tonight My Night Off. I turned in my big J560 story today, as well as a more minor J552 story, ran my last 20-miler yesterday, and finally just don't really have any homework. Mmm, relaxation...

I have begun reading House of Sand and Fog, which so far, after about 60 pages, is engaging and interesting. If the scenario described is anything close to the reality of how and why people are evicted from their houses, I will take this as a warning to carefully check all incoming mail, especially if it's from the county tax office. Yike. I know they made a movie out of this one recently, so I may have to have a look after a finish this book. I'm also picking my way through the 2000 edition of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, a yearly anthology which I always see and thumb through in bookstores but can never afford to buy. Michelle found this one at a book sale last fall and gave it to me for Christmas. Yay! And last but not least, my "purse book" is now One Hundred Years of Solitude, which numerous people have told me I have to read, including my mother and Monica Berlin. I figure if two people whose tastes differ so much can agree on something, it must be pretty good.

Now that I have free time again, maybe I'll actually clean my room and organize my photos, FINALLY. And maybe I'll watch a movie tonight. Perhaps The Right Stuff, which is the last DVD I bought over spring break and have yet to watch. I just bought Big Fish for Mark but I'm going to wait until he comes down here to watch that. Hmm. I will just think of doing all of those things while I stretch out here on the couch. Hmmm.

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