Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wrapping it up

The semester is winding its way down; much like last semester the real push came about two weeks before the end, and now comes a gradual decline until a week from tomorrow. I have a lone review of choice left to write for J552, one more paper for J510, and a narrative personal essay for J560. The due dates span this Monday to two weeks from tomorrow, but I hope to have everything complete by next Thursday afternoon, so I can concentrate on the marathon. I anticipate the four days or so after the marathon as the first real vacation I've had since Christmas (and anyone who knows what kind of Christmas I had knows that hardly qualifies as a happy point in my life). I'm taking two days off work, which I cannot afford.

I paid the bursar bill for my summer classes last week, so my checking account is severely diminished, lower than it's been since I moved here. I've decided not to take out any more loans, even if it means living on ramen for the next year. My savings account can cover bills for the summer, and then I should make enough working overtime at Tichenor to cover the fall semester classes. Then, presumably, I'll get a job that pays enough to live on, and things will be okay. I should feel a little better soon--Friday is payday and I should also be getting my tax return any day now.

The only thing that would really throw a wrench in my plans is for Baloo to injure himself again. I've been giving him a break for the past couple of weeks by riding my bike to class and work. I only take Baloo out if I need to do something after dark. Baloo, take note: your long road trips are numbered. Hang in there until June, and you can enjoy a happy, relaxing semi-retirement. Yes? Fifty days.

But aye, I'll be giving Baloo a workout in the next month. This Friday is Thomas' jazz band concert and general visiting at Purdue, then the next day is Thunder over Louisville. The following weekend is the marathon and the third-to-last Galesburg trip. After that is Derby Day in Clarksville, and then the second-to-last Galesburg trip for the conference track meet. I am nervous but hopeful.

If only gas didn't cost so much. I'm glad I'm getting paid on Friday, before this month of travel begins.

Marathon training is going well, and I'm feeling really confident. The taper has begun. I wish that every week was a taper week before a marathon: my priorities now are to sleep, drink water, and eat carbohydrates. Could life get any better? Speaking of sleep, I should probably go to bed.

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