Sunday, April 24, 2005

Whirlwind tour

Had the nicest, most eventful weekend in a while. First I drove up to West Lafayette to visit Thomas at Purdue. I watched his jazz band perform; since I am a bona fide IU music snob, I was not expecting much from the engineering boys, but I came away quite impressed. Thomas didn't solo this time around, but most of those who did were superb. Sadly, the concert was scheduled to happen outdoors, but the cold, rainy weather drove them into a church. Jazz and church are not two things I normally think of as going together, but hey, the acoustics were good. =)

Afterwards, Thomas took me out to this little 24-hour diner called Triple XXX (wouldn't that actually end up being nine X's? 3 x 3 = 9 o dear lord I'm doing math). Interestingly enough, it's a family restaurant. We had breakfast for dinner and it was excellent. Thomas paid. Yaay. He also paid for the beer that I drank that night. Yaay. We played Beirut (they call it Beer Pong down here) against two of his roommates and won two of three. They were singing the praises of the Higdons all night. =D Then it was hangage outage at a couple of random undergrad parties...nothing too exciting, really, but I had a nice buzz by that time and it was fun to just meet people and watch people, and make fun of Thomas with his friends.

Next day, Thomas' friends woke up at 7 a.m. to go to the bars; at Purdue they have this thing called Breakfast Club, in which the bars open early on Saturday mornings of big weekends (home football weekends and Grand Prix [a big race--similar to Little 5 here except with go karts]). This was Grand Prix weekend, so off they went. Poor Thomas still has yet to turn 21 (one more month), so he had to stay in. Incidentally, I told them about Flunk Day and they thought it was about the best thing ever.

I left around noon to drive to Clarksville. First I stopped off at the Trader Joe's in Indy to pick up four cases of this wine that my dad and grandmother really like. It was so much wine that I had to buy it in two separate transactions. Hilarious. Home was nice, as usual. It was too cold to go to Thunder, though, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone, so I just stayed in and went to bed early. Today I ran an 8-miler down by the river. With the marathon in less than a week now, I'm really starting to get pumped, and running there brought it home. I wanted to run to Louisville, but the Second Street Bridge was still shut down from Thunder the night before, so I just ran into Jeff as far as Jeffboat and back. It was still a nice run. After a shower and lunch, Dad and I went to visit my grandparents, and then after dinner I packed up and drove home. Whew. Long, fun weekend.

But now...gotta write a review for class and get something done on my 510 paper. I AM going to get this all done by Thursday night!

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