Thursday, May 05, 2005

The real spring break.

Since I had to spend much of the time during IU's spring break doing work, I shall now refer to IU's spring break as "pseudo spring break." The break between spring semester classes and summer classes shall now be known as spring break. Thank you.

Anyway, now I've got some actual time without having to worry about upcoming assignments, so I can relax and...well, do the same things I did before. Went up for another extended Knox getaway after the marathon this past weekend. I was there from Saturday night through Wednesday night. Since I have no money, Mark got me into the caf/Oak Room several times with his guest meals, so it was almost like being a Knox student again, except for the incessant sleeping. But man, I forgot how much I hate that food.

My fifth and final RCB on Saturday night was quite nice--perhaps the best one. So much has changed that it's hard to say. The most fun I had was either first time, with Eric Miller, or the second time, with Matthew. And the one with Matthew, at the time, was really wonderful--it's easy to let that be overshadowed by the events that followed. The first two with Mark weren't as good for various reasons, mostly seeming too short, not enough slow songs, bad music in general. But this year, there were enough (barely) slow songs, and the party seemed to last long enough. Even though I don't really know many people there anymore, there were enough people around to talk to and catch up with that I was surprised. And Mark was just plain goofy, which is always a treat. =) So...for just the all-around experience of having fun with the person I love, I guess this year wins.

I'll be back at Knox next weekend to see the team run at conference. And then once more for Mark's graduation. Baloo held up like a champion this past weekend/week. I'm just praying that he can stick it out for one more month.

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