Monday, November 20, 2006


Sore throat four days before the Turkey Trot.


I'm hoping some nice hot soup and a couple of clementines at home will fix it in time for a run today. I didn't make it out yesterday because of said sore throat, so I am back to shortish night runs. Time tonight will be limited, too, because I need to make up a couple more hours of work, make persimmon pudding for our work pitch-in tomorrow, and of course watch Heroes. And gosh durnit if I don't also REALLY need to be put the laundry away.

Please oh please oh please don't let me be sick. I think I ran only four days last week and I want to average five days a week.

But the good news is (provided I'm not sick), Ann Arbor is a nicey-nice place to run and I will have three work-free days in which to enjoy it. Apparently Mark's dad is also going to run the Turkey Trot, so that will be three of us. There's nothing like a morning race to whet your appetite for lots of eatin'!

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Linda said...

Try taking some Lysine when you feel a sore throat coming on. It works for me.

Welcome to the RBF I just added your link today.