Monday, November 20, 2006

Wish I was asleep

I got all my "chores" done. Except for my run, of course. :-( I continue to feel rotten, even if it is better than earlier today, so I opted to take one more day off and hope tomorrow will be better. It was nice, however, to get everything else done. I watched Heroes, made up two hours of work, and the persimmon pudding is in the oven. I even made the sherry sauce, so I'll be all set for tomorrow as soon as the pudding comes out of the oven and cools. That will be a little while, though, so I can't go to sleep yet.

Mark wins for tonight; he went and got me chicken noodle soup for dinner (I ate the last can for lunch). I think if I can get a good solid 7 hours of sleep, I might have this sore throat licked. Then tomorrow I can run, finally, then bake one more persimmon pudding for Thanksgiving at the Addonizios' and pack. Oh, and make up probably one more hour of work. I think I'm down to one hour and fifteen minutes. I could make up a half hour by taking a short lunch and then just stay until 5:45. Which might be the best option, since taking less than an hour's worth of work home is kind of pointless.

For now I'm just typing, breathing in the soothing steam from a cup of tea, and waiting for my pudding, which is now cooling. I know I'll be able to run again tomorrow and if not tomorrow, soon.

Maybe I should put that laundry away...ack!

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