Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today's thoughts

1. My boss was fired, that's kind of crazy. Although she's very personable and friendly, she just wasn't cut out to be a manager. So this is certainly a good thing. We were all very frustrated with the lack of communication and the inability to address our concerns. I think she'll do very well at a customer-service type of job instead of a project manager.

2. I just splurged on a new winter coat. I always hesitate to spend money in quantities larger than, say, $20, but in this case it was worth it. I love the coat, they had my size, and it's something I was planning to buy during the rush anyway. Now I can enjoy it during more cold winter days. By the time I pay off my credit card, it will be rush. So, there. I even got $10 off because we had just received a Target gift card from purchasing this. So...yes, I spent a lot of money today, but I've managed to justify it to myself and rush money will cover Christmas gifts as well as a huge chunk into savings, so it's all good.

3. I did not run today. Sue me. =) It is COLD, and I got out of work late, etc., etc. Can you tell I'm great at justifying things to myself? Probably not to anyone else, but yes, it does seem to be a trend. Too bad I can't run in my snazzy new coat. But yeah, I was going to take either today or tomorrow off anyway. (Justify, justify, justify.)

4. The Alphabetical Movie Project soldiers on:

5. Antz

I like this movie perfectly well, but as I recall it was more of a Mark movie (Mark movies are typically animated and/or of art or graphical interest, or else dark pyschological thrillers). Still, it is great fun, the voice work is entertaining, and it's nice to watch an animated movie that's intelligent and a little dark. That's one reason why I like Miyazaki so much. Antz is a little more interesting and complex than its counterpart, A Bug's Life. The Wikipedia article has some good info.
5. I like margaritas!

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