Friday, December 08, 2006

You're firing her, and you're giving me more money?

I got a raise! Happiness. Since my manager's position was completely liquidated, that left some room for the company to dole out some extra dough. Our department and the graphics/content department will come under one manager (which will be nice for her, since she won't have to take on much extra work). And our job title will officially change to Project Coordinator, which actually kind of describes what we do. So, I certainly feel a lot better about things. I've had differences of opinion with our new manager before, but what I can say for certain is that our concerns will be heard and addressed. In fact, we told her late yesterday that we wanted to fire a temp who was performing unsatisfactorily, and this morning he was gone! It was like magic!

Anyways, enough about work. It's the weekend, and I've only brought maybe four hours of work home total. So I have a few things I want to get accomplished:

  • Organize the songs on my MP3 player--I use it mainly for running now, and sometimes at work, so I'm going to get rid of slower, quieter songs and keep/add faster, louder songs.
  • Finish cleaning/organizing the apartment.
  • I haven't done much reading lately, at all. And Megan from work let me borrow four books! So all these poor lonely books deserve my company this weekend.
  • Go running on both days! I didn't run today (raise = wine), but if tomorrow or Sunday I can do a long run of about six miles or so, I'll feel pretty good about the week. I'll do six again midweek next week, and then the Reindeer Romp is on that Saturday. I think I should be in decent shape if I can just keep it going.
  • Recycling.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Do the work that I brought home. This will probably have to happen on Saturday evening, since the day will be busy with recycling, sleeping in (a must!) and running while it's light out. This is annoying, because there are certainly other things I'd rather be doing on Saturday night.
I suppose that's about all. It looks doable on the surface, but then I have a propensity for sitting on my ass and doing absolutely nothing on the weekend, so we'll see how things go.

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Diana said...

Congratulations on your raise!