Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big scare

After the race this weekend, I forgot to take my Forerunner out of my dad's truck. Instead, it found its way into the pocket of the jacket he keeps in the back of his truck, and I didn't notice the absence until Monday night. After a panic-induced e-mail to my parents and an hour spent rearranging the apartment to search for it, I went to bed, thinking they would find it sitting out somewhere in the house. Of course, they didn't, and I began to really worry that it might be lost. I felt so guilty for having lost such a wonderful Christmas gift so soon after receiving it. They had no luck finding it until last night, when my dad was moving stuff around in the back of his truck and happened to feel something hard in the pocket of the coat. There it was! He's shipping it back up to me, and I'm having it delivered to work because I'm too afraid of letting it lie around outside my apartment door for half a day before I come home. So I should have it back tomorrow. Luckily I still have my old watch and to use as back-up for running. Still, running has been a little disrupted this week. It was snowing and sleeting on Sunday, and with that and the drive home, plus the big AFC Championship game to watch (Colts won!), the long run didn't happen. I planned to just do it on Monday, but that didn't happen either. Tuesday I did run, but felt generally crappy and only did 3.8 miles. Yesterday I felt better, and decided to do my hill workout (6 hills at 5K pace). Sooo, today, if I can get out of work with enough daylight to get the first half of my run in while it's still light, I will attempt the long run. I think I would be okay to just call it a cut-back week and move up to 12 miles next week, but as long as I feel good I might as well do it. I need to be better about doing the long runs when I've scheduled them! It's simply not practical to do them at any time other than the weekend because there's simply not enough daylight. Cannot WAIT to spring forward! Oh, and the warmth wouldn't hurt, either. Although I've been really good this winter about getting out in the really cold weather. ::pats self on back::

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