Monday, February 12, 2007

Why does this ALWAYS happen?

As soon as I get up to a modicum of fitness, I get sick or injured. Every time. I had to skip my 14-miler yesterday (and it was sunny and practically balmy outside, at 34 degrees, compared to what it's been) because of a sore throat. Didn't want to make it even worse, although it seems to have accomplished that already. I started feeling off on Friday, and probably should not have run the first Training Series race, a 5K, on Saturday, but I did. It was 10 degrees (felt like -1) at the start.

So, I called in to work today. I'm determined to make this go away quickly. A winter storm is coming, so I probably will have to take another couple of days off of running anyway. I mean to be completely recovered by the time it's okay to run outside again. Hopefully I will be back to work tomorrow and ready to run tomorrow or the next day. Until then, I may try some yoga.

I shouldn't be set back toooo much, but it sure is frustrating after having such a good first month of training. I cannot WAIT until it's warm out again.

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Diana said...

Sorry to see that you are not feeling well. Stay warm and rest up.