Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I certainly don't like snow as much as I used to; it disrupts my running and VERY rarely means missing work; even if I do miss work, I still miss getting paid. It really takes a doozie to get them to declare a snow emergency here; last time I remember was two years ago when we got about two feet in the course of a day. Gone are the days of waiting breathlessly in the front of the TV, pulse quickening as the alphabetical ticker approaches the C's. When Clarksville Community Schools appeared on the screen (which it did less often than most of the surrounding school corps) it was like a gift from the cosmos: a completely unexpected day of complete freedom.

But now it's a quick check to see if a snow emergency has been declared (it has for the counties west and north of us, but not for Monroe), and since it hasn't, off to work I go. I get the car started (first try, what a champion Scout is) and spend the next 30-40 minutes chipping ice. I was only about ten minutes late, which didn't matter because I was the third person to show up.

Because it rained all day yesterday and then froze last night, every surface was encased in ice this morning. The sun was out by the time I drove to work, and I must say, it was simply beautiful. I snapped a couple of pictures, but it was hard to tell how they turned out since it was so bright. I will have to update later and include those once I can get them uploaded. So, even though I am getting seriously antsy after three days of no running, at least there is some nice winter majesty to look at. I doubt running will happen today either, but we'll see how things look after work. This weekend's 5K will be interesting to say the least (that is, if I can make it down there at all).

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