Friday, April 20, 2007

Big milestone

Maybe it was the recent sobering reminder of human mortality, or maybe it was the fact that my quad seems to be on the mend (most likely a combination of both), but yesterday's 12-miler was one of the best runs I've had in a while. I explored a new running route (through campus, down to Moores Pike to Rt. 446). It's not a route to do at night (so few are, sigh), but it's definitely a keeper. Moores Pike has a sidewalk for nearly the entire length between College Mall Road and 446. And then 446 has an extremely wide shoulder, very ideal for running. Reminds me a bit of running in Galesburg. I would like to explore further and see how far down I can go on 446 and keep that amazing shoulder to run on. Maybe I could park at Mark's work and run from there. Bloomington is a good place for running, but at times I miss the endless roads and flat expanses of fields and farmland in northwestern Illinois.

Also of note yesterday, I passed the 500-mile mark in total mileage for the year. I've never kept a running log for more than few months before, so it's interesting to me to see how many miles I actually run while training for a marathon. I really wish I knew how many miles I've run in my lifetime. Maybe when I get really bored I'll try to make a guesstimate.

I'm making a couple of changes to the old blog (again). I added one of those nifty ClustrMaps to see if anyone actually visits this place. I'm astounded to find out that there are people who do! I'm also adding a quote to my header that I think goes along with my blog title. Nitmos reminded me of it--it's one of those you always hear in high school when they bring those motivational speakers in to convince kids not to do drugs and to go to college. But I do really like it. More changes to come, quite possibly!


Nitmos said...

Yeah, the quote is kinda simplistic and corny but sometimes those are the best kind. And the easiest to remember.

Great run!

Al Durham said...

Great job. Discovering new running routes are always fun, and they usually make for a good run.