Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Sanjaya wasn't even in the bottom three!! And Gina!?!? Ack. Gina is the first contestant that I'm actually really sad to see go. I don't think she's the best singer, but I like her spunk and it's nice to have someone who's not afraid to rock. Aaaagh.

I did end up getting my 800s in yesterday. I started running around 8:30 and felt pretty good, so I stopped at the stadium after 3.5 miles or so and did 8 x 800, progressively faster. Yessss. The night was perfect, 59 degrees and breezy, with that nice clean feel in the air that you get after a heavy rain. The only problem was I was having some fairly bad stomach pains. Not sure what that was about but I pushed through anyway and finished up the workout. The legs felt great!

Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees in the afternoon before the storms started. Today? It SNOWED. Yes, seriously. You just have to hand it to the Midwest. I don't think many other regions in the United States can pull crap like that off. That is just amazing. I mean, we're not talking blankets of snow but there were definite flakes. They hit me in the face while I was running! It was also damn windy. But at least I got out there. I had to dig out my ear-warmer! It's April!

The good news is, the forecast for Sunday is a high of 46 degrees and a low of 29 so I do not think I have to worry about getting too hot during my long run.


Mike said...

I thought Sanjaya actually had one of his better performances.

But really, he still stinks.

We're going to be in the mid 30's thru Easter enjoy your 40+ degree long run.

GB said...

I was sad to see gina go. I knew sucky sanjaya wouldn't go. Haley shoulda got the boot over Gina.

GREAT run and 800s!!! You rock. I can't believe it started to snow again!