Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Although I'm still cleaning up the mess of insurance and hospital/ambulance bills, I can definitely say that the anemia fiasco is finally behind me. Ugh.

So, anyways, back to your regularly scheduled Miranda. Running has been going well lately. I ran just under 13 miles on Saturday night and felt great. I ran the last three miles or so progressively faster. I've heard this is a good thing to do, so I'm going to give it a try on more of my long runs. Yesterday I ran a 4.5-mile tempo run in an average pace of 8:42. I am now fairly locked into the Pfitzinger 18/55 program (although still cutting a few runs short as I recover from Bayshore). I'm shooting to be fully in line with it in another couple of weeks. So far it seems pretty manageable, but of course, it is still early.

Mark and I have joined a gym, so I'm going to be adding weight training to my regimen this summer. It's been weird to be in a weight room again--the last time I lifted was back when I enjoyed free (well, not FREE, but you know) access to IU's weight rooms, two years ago. I can't lift nearly as much as I used to do, so it's been tough not to overdo it. I'm hoping the weight training will make a difference

I'm also trying to make a new commitment towards regular (at least twice a week) yoga and stretching in general. By the end of training for Bayshore, I had grown to neglect stretching pretty badly, and as a result I was getting pretty tight. Need to do better.

I had thought that things would calm down a bit after the Knox graduation, but I was wrong. We drove down to Clarksville two weekends in a row, both times to see family that were in town and ended up both times doing some work in my brother's old bedroom as my parents convert it in a usable guest room. You have never seen a room with dirtier, more dented walls. :) This past weekend I spackled and took the electric sander to it, and I think we're going down again so I can paint in a couple of weeks. All this ended up taking quite a bit of time and we didn't really do anything else the rest of the weekend (luckily I managed to get my run in late on Saturday night). But it was wonderful to see family--I saw an uncle and cousins that I haven't seen in three years, and an aunt and grandparents that I haven't seen in five. The great news is, my maternal grandparents are planning on moving down there to live in the some retirement community that my paternal grandparents now live in. So I will be able to visit them a little bit more often once they get moved in (we don't know when yet).

The excitement didn't end this past weekend either--the USATF Championships start tomorrow in Indy, and we have splurged on all-sessions passes, so we can go up on Thursday and Friday night to see the 5000 and 10000. And then we'll be there both days of the weekend too.

All of this on top of the fact that rush is on the verge of starting at work. Yes, it's been a busy few weeks. You can tell when things are getting busy in our apartment because the recycling starts to pile up. The only time we're able to take the recycling down (no curb-side pick-up) is Saturdays, so if we're out of town, we're out of luck. It is positively OVERFLOWING and looks pretty terrible. Luckily I think we can take it this Saturday morning before we drive up to Indy.

I can't wait to get into a bigger apartment in less than two months!


DawnB said...

I think thats a great Idea adding weight training!!things can get busy at times hang in there and take it one day at a time

Al Durham said...

I know that weight training really helps me. I do skip weights a couple of weeks before a marahton so that remember to do that. Glad to hear that you are back to "normal".

jen said...

Sounds like you've been really busy and productive! You are lucky to see your extended family so often- I live in a different state and I miss out on a lot.

Good luck on the weight training! I it do 1-2 times a week for upper body and core, but I always justify skipping my legs. That's probably not good. Keep us updated, I'm always in need of motivation for weight training.

Great job on the running too. Keep it up!! :)