Friday, June 08, 2007

The week-long doctor saga

Getting a doctor in Bloomington is much harder than I thought it would be. My first difficulty arises from the fact that the network provider directory on my insurance web site does not work, so I have no way of determining which doctors take my insurance. I found one large group which does, so I called the four or five different practices included in that group. The soonest any of them can get me in is late July. Without that provider directory, that's about the best I can do. I've been in communication with someone from the insurance company who's been trying help me get it working, but no luck so far.

One of the first places I called told me I needed to get my medical records from the hospital in Galesburg myself, and that they wouldn't run any tests on me without these records. I thought this sounded a little strange, but I e-mailed the hospital anyway to see what they could do. They called me back and said that they could release my records to a doctor for free, but to release them directly to me I would have to pay for them. They said a doctor's office would need to call. I called a few more practices and finally decided to get an appointment at one that could get me in in July. However, the lady there told me I would need to talk to someone else and that she would call me back. So...I'm waiting on that to happen.

I am beyond sick of this. This just seems a little extreme in terms of frustration for the simple process of making an appointment. It's hard to believe that every one is that busy, but some couldn't get me in until who knows. All I really want is for someone to confirm that I have anemia, since I have no symptoms. I just want to know my hemoglobin level. I'm starting to think that the best course of action would be just to pass out again so I can be taken to the ER, this time with the lucidity to ask questions.

On the plus side though, I've been out running a couple times and seem to be okay. Tuesday I felt a little heavy and tired, but Wednesday I loosened up after a couple miles and felt fine. Yesterday I lifted weights. No problems there, and I continue to feel perfectly normal. Maybe the iron I'm taking is keeping my head above water? But based on how I feel, I see no reason to hold back on training--this weekend I'll see how a longer run goes and next week I'll swing into actual training as long as things go well.


GB said...

I just read your previous post and first of all, let me congratulate you once again on a very well run race, all the way through "the wall" to the finish. Excellent job, you hung in there, gutted it out and got yourself a nice new PR! Be proud.

Okay, now I just want to say I'm a little worried about your unknown or unconfirmed medical condition. Did I read it right when you said that finding out about the anemia was just a coincidence and that they did not know what caused you to pass out? That is scary.

It really pisses me off, too, when you can't get in to see a doctor when you NEED to see a doctor. Then the doctors/ERs complain about people being in their ERs unnecessarily. Well hello, if patients could get a fricken regular appointment, they wouldn't end up in the ER!

Anyway, take care of yourself and when you feel a little on the run down side, you'd better rest!!! At least until you know what's going on for sure.

DawnB said...

Mir, sorry you are having such a frustrating time. And its good that you are feeling better. Please don't give up on finding a solution based on how your feeling.

jen said...

How frusterating! I'm sorry you aren't getting the response you hoped for. That sucks. I am glad you're feeling allright at least. Keep taking the iron and good luck w/ your running. Please take a cell phone with you if you run alone! Always a good idea, but especially with your little scare. Take care! :)