Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doctor update

Well, I finally got the provider directory working--I really am impressed with their customer service, I must admit. So I called a few more doctors on the list. And finally, at 4:30 on Friday, I found one that could see me Monday morning at 8 a.m.! Score! And when I went in, I find that the doctor has actually run a marathon herself and used to serve on the medical team for the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. Double score! I liked the doctor--she was calm and reassuring, reminding me of my old doctor when I was growing up. A welcome change after the Galesburg doctor.

Not a word was said about my hospital records. They ran their own blood test and the doctor said she didn't think I am anemic! My hemoglobin (11.5) is on the low side of normal, but still normal for a very active person. They took more blood to run a complete blood count plus serum iron test, just to be sure. I should get the results soon.

Meanwhile, running is going okay. I ran 12 on Saturday for my first long run after the marathon. It was 85 degrees and I hadn't had enough water to drink, but it wasn't too bad. I had to stop to rest a couple of times in the last four miles or so. At the time I was afraid it was because of anemia, but at this point I'm thinking it very well could have been the heat. I don't know. Other runs have gone well. Today I have a longer "general aerobic" run, so we'll see how that goes too.
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