Saturday, October 27, 2007

Base Training, Week 2

Here's what I had on my plate:

Sunday, October 21: 8 miles long (1:16:35 > 9:35/mile)
Monday, October 22: 3 miles GA (26:43 > 8:55/mile)
Tuesday, October 23: off (weights)
Wednesday, October 24: LT workout, 6 miles total (2 miles tempo in 14:54 >7:27/mile)
Thursday, October 25: 5 miles GA (45:23 > 9:05/mile)
Friday, October 26: off (weights)
Saturday, October 27: 5K race, 5 miles total (5K race in 23:25 > 7:32/mile)

Target: 27 miles
Actual: 27 miles

Not much needs to be said about the race today; I went out running what felt good. Interestingly enough, it felt less and less good the further I went! :) Yep, definitely went out waaaay too fast and struggled badly in the last mile. But I did tie my post-college PR and that is a hopeful sign. One of these days I will pace a 5K intelligently and then we'll see something. A side note--I did actually win my age group (the overall winner was in my age group too but of course she didn't count) so I got a nifty hat. We also got nice crimson tech shirts that actually fit! Not bad for a $15 race.

Anywho, here's what's coming up:

Week 3

Sunday, October 28: 6 miles long
Monday, October 29: 3 miles GA (weights)
Tuesday, October 30: off
Wednesday, October 31: LT workout, 5 miles total (weights)
Thursday, November 1: 3 miles GA
Friday, November 2: off (weights)
Saturday, November 3: 2 miles GA

Target: 19


Russ said...

question: did you get your base training plan from somewhere...or did you make it up on your own?

congrats on the 2.0 PR!!!!

Mir said...

Russ--Yes, I just made it up. I used the old rule of thumb of increasing by no more than 10% each week, with a cutback week every third week which reduces the mileage by about a third. Hopefully this will work for me!

Nuke Runner said...

Congratulations on the post-college PR and AG win!

Nitmos said...

Nice 5k! You seem to be getting faster and faster with every race.

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job winning your AG!!