Thursday, October 11, 2007

Twin Cities Marathon: Pictures and Final Thoughts

I would really love to return to the Twin Cities someday to run another marathon. If only to find out how well I would have done in ideal conditions! I can only recall this one, especially the last half, as something like a dream. Under the circumstances I am satisfied with my time, but I want the next one to be NOW because I know I can run faster. :) This is also partly because the soreness this time around was minimal. I probably could have run again on Tuesday, but I waited until day to run again. I felt good. I thought about trying another marathon this winter, but I think it's best not to overdo it. I'll recover, rebuild my base, do a few shorter races, and train for something in the spring.

And, now what? I need to find a spring marathon. In a way, this will be undiscovered country for me, because I've never run three marathons "in a row." The year 2006 doesn't count because I didn't train adequately for those marathons. But this year saw a PR and a strong race in bad conditions, and if I continue to build my endurance in this way for a third marathon, I can't wait to see how much I might improve. I have a good feeling about this next one--with ideal conditions, I think my sub-4 might finally happen.

In the meantime, I've got several shorter races in mind to keep me motivated this fall and winter. And here I go again...
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