Thursday, October 11, 2007

Twin Cities Marathon: Pictures and Final Thoughts

I would really love to return to the Twin Cities someday to run another marathon. If only to find out how well I would have done in ideal conditions! I can only recall this one, especially the last half, as something like a dream. Under the circumstances I am satisfied with my time, but I want the next one to be NOW because I know I can run faster. :) This is also partly because the soreness this time around was minimal. I probably could have run again on Tuesday, but I waited until day to run again. I felt good. I thought about trying another marathon this winter, but I think it's best not to overdo it. I'll recover, rebuild my base, do a few shorter races, and train for something in the spring.

And, now what? I need to find a spring marathon. In a way, this will be undiscovered country for me, because I've never run three marathons "in a row." The year 2006 doesn't count because I didn't train adequately for those marathons. But this year saw a PR and a strong race in bad conditions, and if I continue to build my endurance in this way for a third marathon, I can't wait to see how much I might improve. I have a good feeling about this next one--with ideal conditions, I think my sub-4 might finally happen.

In the meantime, I've got several shorter races in mind to keep me motivated this fall and winter. And here I go again...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you were all ready to rock & roll the night before. I didn't put my chip on until we were practically at the starting line; good thing you were there to show me how to use that plastic thingy.

I like the kid with the thunder sticks cheering you on.

Great job, again.

Erik D

Al Durham said...

Great job! Good to hear that you are already looking for your next marathon. Ready to try an Ultra Marathon yet? Just kidding. The race shirt looks really cool.

jen said...

Great pictures. Congratulations again on your awesome finish. :)

That finisher shirt is really cool! I like the design a lot. Good medal too. Nice! :)

I have a good feeling about your next marathon too- you are defintely in sub-4 shape now, and will only improve with another few months of training. Good luck Miranda!! :)