Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Somewhat belated Week 6

So I've finished up six weeks of base training. Whoo! Feeling better than ever, and I just hope it lasts. This is usually about the time I get derailed by a minor injury or sidetracked by some life event. I am starting to get into the busy time at work, and as a result I probably won't have as much time to spend on the Internet, but I am NOT going to let that get in the way of running this time.

Anyway, here's how week 6 went:

Week 6

Sunday, November 18: 8 miles long (7.87 in 1:10:14 > 8:56/mile)
Monday, November 19: 3 miles GA (weights) (26:26 > 8:49/mile)
Tuesday, November 20: off
Wednesday, November 21: 2 miles easy (weights) (18:58 > 9:29/mile)
Thursday, November 22: 5 mile race (7 miles total) (new 5 mile PR of 37:47 > 7:33/mile, 1.66 wu/cd)
Friday, November 23: off (weights) (no weights, only workout was eating leftovers)
Saturday, November 24: 4 miles GA (4.2 in 38:43 > 9:14/mile)

Target: 23 (23.7)

Well, if the goal of a cutback week is to feel refreshed and ready to move up, that was accomplished. Here's this week:

Week 7

Sunday, November 25: 10 miles long (10.18 in 1:34:00 > 9:14/mile)
Monday, November 26: 5 miles GA (weights) (44:12 > 8:50/mile)
Tuesday, November 27: 3 miles easy
Wednesday, November 28: LT workout, 8 miles total (weights)
Thursday, November 29: 4 miles easy/GA
Friday, November 30: off (weights)
Saturday, December 1: 8K race (7 miles total)

Target: 36.5

I sent in the registration for the 8K this weekend. I'm not sure what to expect from it in terms of terrain. The good news is that I'm pretty much assured of a lifetime PR, since I've only run one 8K and it was when I was in relatively bad shape. I'll figure out some goals later this week.

Yesterday's run was a hidden gem. I think if I hadn't been meeting the group (well, Mark) to run with, I might not have made it out. It was about 40 degrees, windy, with light rain. And of course, dark. I bundled up in too many layers, but then decide to go with a light jacket over a short sleeve shirt and tights. Ballcap, no gloves. This turned out to be the perfect combination of clothing. The rain mostly let up, with just a light mist coming down, and the air felt fresh and brisk. For some reason, I was just in the zone, and felt awesome. Didn't want the run to end!

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DawnB said...

just check in every now and then miranda, I think this is a busy year for everyone.