Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reindeer Romp 8K race report and Week 7

So...I'm not sure what to think. No beating about the bush: my finish time was 36:08, with a 17:48 4K and a 22:05 5K. All huge post-college PRs. So, the first thing that comes to mind--surely the course was short? Well, I measured it and I think it was, I don't think it was by much. Since I couldn't pick out exactly where the markers were on Google Maps, I had to estimate. On two different tries I got 2.46 and 2.43 miles for the course length (it was an out-and-back). 4K is 2.48. So, it's probably safe to say it was at least slightly short. So, the question is, do my PRs stand? No question, I did PR in 4K, 5K, and 8K (add 40 seconds, almost a whole tenth, and they are still considerable PRs). But is it okay to say that 36:08 is my 8K PR when it is really my PR for 7.95K or something? Ack.

Still, quibbling over the exact distance and times is, in the end, immaterial. I think it's safe to say I made quite a breakthrough yesterday. And I'm ecstatic about that! I got 2nd place in the 20-29 age group and even took home a folding camp chair as a door prize. It has cup holders. :D

After nine or ten months of creeping improvement, this sudden plunge is really dizzying. And man, I can't wait to run another 5K!! I need to look around for some races over the next few months (they are in pretty short supply in this area). I think the only way I'm going to feel right about these times is to confirm them in other races.

Anyway, here's Week 7 in review:

Week 7

Sunday, November 25: 10 miles long (10.18 in 1:34:00 > 9:15/mile)
Monday, November 26: 5 miles GA (weights) (44:12 > 8:51/mile)
Tuesday, November 27: 3 miles easy (28:31 > 9:31/mile)
Wednesday, November 28: LT workout, 8 miles total (weights) (3 miles wu, 3 miles tempo (23:47), 2 miles cd--total: 1:11:22 > 8:56/mile)
Thursday, November 29: 4 miles easy/GA
(36:57 > 9:15/mile)
Friday, November 30: off (weights) (7.93 miles in 30min on stationary bike)
Saturday, December 1: 8K race (7 miles total) (36:08 8K PR*)

Target: 36.5 (37.2)
*may be short

Here's the week ahead:

Week 8

Sunday, December 2: 11 miles long (11.13 in 1:40:47 > 9:04/mile)
Monday, December 3: 5 miles GA (weights)
Tuesday, December 4: 4 miles easy
Wednesday, December 5: LT workout, 9 miles total (weights)
Thursday, December 6: 5 miles easy/GA
Friday, December 7: off (weights)
Saturday, December 8: 6 miles GA
Target: 40

Whew, one more buildup week and still feeling good. I was little tired toward the end of today's run, but that was to be expected considering how hard I ran yesterday. Now it's time to settle down and enjoy the Colts game. :D


Unknown said...

well, remember that they measure the course at the shortest point. using google maps may not match exactly what the course was. i'd say until you hear otherwise, take it as an 8k pr. ;)

Nitmos said...

You'll drive yourself nuts by trying to figure out if the course was a bit long or a bit short. All courses will be off just a bit. Don't think about it. They said it was 8k. It's 8k. It's a sizeable PR. Congratulations.

(Besides, you're only allowed to question the course length if it seemd to LONG not to short) ;)

GB said...

Hey Mir, don't worry about that race course measurement! It was advertised as an 8K and you ran it in an awesome time! Take it, girl. You are getting fast. Congratulations on your PR. :)

Russ said...

they are legit pr's. as mentioned above, a course is measured by the race organizers. Would you reject a BQ time if you suspected that the course was short - I think not. Sounds like you have your training dialed in for your "experiment of one".

Nuke Runner said...

Congratulations on your big PRs and AG award! That was a real breakthrough race....awesome!