Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reindeer Romp 8K race report and Week 7

So...I'm not sure what to think. No beating about the bush: my finish time was 36:08, with a 17:48 4K and a 22:05 5K. All huge post-college PRs. So, the first thing that comes to mind--surely the course was short? Well, I measured it and I think it was, I don't think it was by much. Since I couldn't pick out exactly where the markers were on Google Maps, I had to estimate. On two different tries I got 2.46 and 2.43 miles for the course length (it was an out-and-back). 4K is 2.48. So, it's probably safe to say it was at least slightly short. So, the question is, do my PRs stand? No question, I did PR in 4K, 5K, and 8K (add 40 seconds, almost a whole tenth, and they are still considerable PRs). But is it okay to say that 36:08 is my 8K PR when it is really my PR for 7.95K or something? Ack.

Still, quibbling over the exact distance and times is, in the end, immaterial. I think it's safe to say I made quite a breakthrough yesterday. And I'm ecstatic about that! I got 2nd place in the 20-29 age group and even took home a folding camp chair as a door prize. It has cup holders. :D

After nine or ten months of creeping improvement, this sudden plunge is really dizzying. And man, I can't wait to run another 5K!! I need to look around for some races over the next few months (they are in pretty short supply in this area). I think the only way I'm going to feel right about these times is to confirm them in other races.

Anyway, here's Week 7 in review:

Week 7

Sunday, November 25: 10 miles long (10.18 in 1:34:00 > 9:15/mile)
Monday, November 26: 5 miles GA (weights) (44:12 > 8:51/mile)
Tuesday, November 27: 3 miles easy (28:31 > 9:31/mile)
Wednesday, November 28: LT workout, 8 miles total (weights) (3 miles wu, 3 miles tempo (23:47), 2 miles cd--total: 1:11:22 > 8:56/mile)
Thursday, November 29: 4 miles easy/GA
(36:57 > 9:15/mile)
Friday, November 30: off (weights) (7.93 miles in 30min on stationary bike)
Saturday, December 1: 8K race (7 miles total) (36:08 8K PR*)

Target: 36.5 (37.2)
*may be short

Here's the week ahead:

Week 8

Sunday, December 2: 11 miles long (11.13 in 1:40:47 > 9:04/mile)
Monday, December 3: 5 miles GA (weights)
Tuesday, December 4: 4 miles easy
Wednesday, December 5: LT workout, 9 miles total (weights)
Thursday, December 6: 5 miles easy/GA
Friday, December 7: off (weights)
Saturday, December 8: 6 miles GA
Target: 40

Whew, one more buildup week and still feeling good. I was little tired toward the end of today's run, but that was to be expected considering how hard I ran yesterday. Now it's time to settle down and enjoy the Colts game. :D
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