Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Belated Reindeer Romp race report (and Week 9)

So, I took one look at the scene outside upon waking up Saturday morning:

and decided this one would be a fun run.

The race was like running through a river of icy slush. I managed a 19:21, good for third in my age group. I have never been so wet in my life! It really wasn't too bad, but the hills were pretty treacherous and I had to be careful of my footing.

No splits or anything (I would not have wished it on anyone to stand out in that weather to call splits!), so there's not much else to say. Let's just say I never enjoyed a hot shower more than the one I took after that race.

The race capped off week 9 of my base training schedule:

Week 9

Sunday, December 9: 9 miles long (9.1 in 1:23:00 > 9:08/mile)
Monday, December 10: 4 miles GA (weights) (35:19 > 8:50/mile)
Tuesday, December 11: off
Wednesday, December 12: LT workout, 7 miles total (weights) (6.3 easy in 1:00:02 > 9:32/mile)
Thursday, December 13: 4 miles easy/GA (37:07 > 9:17/mile)
Friday, December 14: off (weights)
Saturday, December 15: 4K race, 4.5 miles total (4K race in slushy conditions, 19:21 > 7:41/mile)

Target: 28 (27.9)

And here's how Week 10 looks:

Week 10

Sunday, December 16: 12 miles long
Monday, December 17: 5 miles GA (weights)
Tuesday, December 18: 6 miles easy
Wednesday, December 19: LT workout, 8 miles total (weights)
Thursday, December 20: 5 miles easy/GA
Friday, December 21: off (weights)
Saturday, December 22: 4 miles GA

Target: 40


DawnB said...

under the conditions you did outstaning congratulations!!

Happy holidays to you and yours!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I'm not sure how I clicked and landed on your page. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you are reading DQ.


I just started my blog, in preparation for a possible marathon in June, and thought that this was a coincidence running into your blog considering that what I chose for my picture.

Happy New Year.

DawnB said...

Happy New year Maranda!!

Jason The Running Man said...

Happy New Year and great time in that race in the slush!

Russ said...

how goes the training in the new year?