Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Okay, NOW I'm back

I've had a great week of training so far, and my foot has behaved. I've been going into each run with a range in mind; this distance if I'm feeling off or my foot hurts, up to this distance if things go well. Well, I've hit the high end of the range on each run so far this week, from 17 miles on Sunday, to 4.8 Monday, and 9.44 including 5 at tempo today. I took yesterday off and just hit the bike, and I'll likely take Friday off as well and get in some cross-training if I feel like it. I feel like I'm out of the woods, but I am still being careful with my foot (still icing it), and I'm wary of jumping back into things too quickly. I've had some lingering soreness during the week, so I took another ice bath today after the tempo run, which I hope will help. If things continue to go well, I should hit around 45 miles for the week, which is right in the range I was in before wisdom teeth and foot pain. I think I have 18 scheduled for this Sunday, but I'm leaning more towards doing a cutback long run instead and then moving up again in distance the following weekend. It will all depend on how I feel. :)

Work has been crazy lately. I'm still being laid off, but while I'm waiting, the company that bought us is routing several jobs through our system. We're doing some sort of program for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, and if I thought our turn times were bad before, I just didn't know how good I had it. Today I entered, processed, and submitted 24 packets, all with a multitude of special instructions, like mail merge access codes, labels, shrinkwrapped bundled sets, and all kinds of fun stuff. This means I did not only my job, but the outside rep's job, for 24 packets in one day. Normally this process takes about two weeks. All this while trying to reconcile our system and workflow process with unfamiliar elements, and without a lot of the information that I take for granted.

So, needless to say it was an interesting day. I'm trying not to be too bitter, but it's kind of hard when one of the people e-mailing you from the other company has this in the signature line of their e-mails: "Did you hear the good news? XanEdu is expanding! Click here to learn more about our acquisition of Tichenor Publishing."

Grrrr. It's like rush all over again. After having my ass handed to me during the last rush (it went pretty well from outside, but was a bit of a nightmare for yours truly), which just ended, I'm not quite ready for another, ya know? I hope things are a bit calmer next week. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the job openings with them are going to work out for me, which is like an invitation to stop caring, but I'm not wired like that. Which is a good thing for them, but not so good for my stress level. :-P


jen said...

So glad your foot is healing up. :)

Work sounds exhausting, but you're doing a great job keeping up your workload (and then some) with the impending lay-off. I can imagine it's not easy.

Nitmos said...

You have moved from Red to blinking Yellow. Green is just around the bend.

GB said...

I am so sorry about the job situation. That would peeve me to no end to read that in a signature line! Grrrrr.

Glad you're rehabbing smart and your running is coming along. You're a strong gal and keep listening to and working with your body!

DawnB said...

Glad you're feeling better and your training is going well.

You know what they say about all work and no play!! :)

DawnB said...

and why the heck are you working so hard when they are laying you off anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hey there..i was just randomly going over my blog-namesakes..n came across ur blog...bittersweet symphony

cheers n gud luck with ur job scene