Monday, March 24, 2008

What goes on

Yesterday I took another step toward the Sunburst Marathon with a season-high 18 miles (9:07 pace). On Friday I ran a very strong, relaxed tempo run of 6 miles (7:52 pace). After these two successful workouts, I feel very confident. I'm going to crank up the mileage for the next two weeks before taking the third week easier. I also have a 15K in two weeks. I'll know then how things are really going. I want to break1:15 for the 15K, which after two (hopefully) 50 mile+ weeks will be an accomplishment indeed. At that point, I can start looking ahead a little more, and possibly make some preliminary goals for the marathon.

The job search continues, but so far, no dice. I've applied for several, and I've had two interviews, but haven't heard any further word. I now have about a month until I'm officially unemployed, so at least there's still time. Keeping fingers crossed!
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