Friday, April 25, 2008

Derby Festival miniMarathon: Goals

Well, this post will mostly be about running as usual, but my mind isn't on the race as much as it usually would be, because my grandmother is in the hospital, very sick. I hope she will be okay, but things aren't looking good. I just wish there was something I could do...I feel so powerless. :( I was able to help my dad out with a couple of errands today, so at least I haven't been completely useless...

Anyway, we are down in Clarksville now and just resting up for the race. Mark and I are going to meet friends from our running group who are also doing the Derby Mini for dinner tonight. And then, early to bed for the race tomorrow. Hopefully later in the day, or Sunday, I will be able to visit Nana.

I feel a little weird...kind of selfish, I guess, for still giving any thought at all to the race. I will of course be dedicating it to her, and thinking of her throughout. Not knowing what else do to, I'm going to go into it as planned and try to hit my goals:

A. Safety goal: 1:50 -- My current lifetime PR for the half is 1:50:56. I feel pretty confident about breaking into the 1:40s tomorrow.

B. Main goal: 1:45 -- This was the original goal I set for myself back in January. At the time I would have called it a stretch goal, but things have been going so well lately that I feel it's pretty reasonable as long as I have a good day.

C. Ambitious goal: 1:43 -- My recent PR translates to a sub-1:42 for the half. I suspect that race may have been a bit short, so padding that to account for a shorter 15K and also for the hills present in this race, and I came up with 1:43. This number would not have been in my wildest dreams a month ago. We'll see if my wildest dreams come true tomorrow...

I was going to post some thoughts on the women's Olympic Trials Marathon and the Boston Marathon this past weekend, but I'm running short of time, so I'll have to leave that for later...suffice it to say for now that both were awesome races to watch (yay, and congrats to all the Boston finishers, several of whom have blogs that I read. You guys are my heroes!
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