Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time for some number crunching

My last long run before the taper was great: 3:12:02 for 21.12 miles, a 9:06 pace. Heck, I could have just run five more miles at that pace and gotten under four hours! Not that I really felt like doing that after 21 miles. I felt great for most of it and relatively good near the end. I was worried I'd gone a little too fast, but I seem to be fine today--a little tired, but not really even sore. So, today will be a rest today and I have a short interval workout to get in sometime before the end of the week. Otherwise, all easy runs.

You'd think I'd have zonked right out last night, but instead I had trouble falling asleep...I was so restless! I hope this isn't taper madness already. :)

Now that I can't run as much, I'll have to turn to numbers to get my running fix. I've been spending some time comparing last spring's marathon training cycle to this one. They make for a good comparison because last year I did a 15K and a half (among others) and this year I also did a 15K and a half. So here are some stats for the 16 weeks leading up to the taper for each training cycle:

Spring 2007 Spring 2008
Total Mileage 556.5 728.7
Average Mileage 34.8 45.5
15K race time 1:19:37 1:10:47
Half marathon race time 1:57:14 1:44:54
Final marathon time 4:14:20 ?

As you can see, some fairly dramatic differences. Hopefully the pattern will hold up at Sunburst!
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