Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home sweet home

Nana passed away peacefully last Saturday and we laid her to rest on Wednesday in a beautiful ceremony. Since she was in the Navy, she received military honors at her burial, which was a wonderful touch. We love you, Nana, and we miss you.

Now I'm back in town and even had a job interview on Thursday morning. Hopefully I will have some good news later this week! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, since the job market here is so competitive, but it did sound like a good fit.

I've been gone so long that it was almost weird to sleep in my own bed again. But it is nice to be back. And suddenly, the marathon is right around the corner! In fact, I have one more 20-miler and the taper begins! I was actually scheduled to run it today, but 50-degree temps, high winds, and rain convinced me to put it off until tomorrow. I know, that doesn't sound too bad compared to January or February, but it sure didn't stack up too well to the 64-degree, partly cloudy day predicted for tomorrow.

I suppose at some point I should make some goals for this marathon. My training and races lately lead me to believe that I can realistically aim for something a little more ambitious than simply sub-4. I've been putting off the goal-setting until after the half marathon...well, now that's over and I still don't know exactly what my main goal should be. I've been doing some training at marathon goal pace, and those runs seem to settle in the 8:40 range. If I were to average 8:40s for a marathon I would land somewhere between 3:45 and 3:50. Of course, I secretly just want to go for the BQ. Running 8:27s for a 3:40:59 seems daunting, but then so did running 8:00s for a half. Really, all this seems pretty ambitious for a 4:14 marathoner. I probably won't really figure this out until mile 5 or so...

Expect more obsessing over marathon goal-setting in the coming weeks... :)


Nitmos said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother but glad to hear she passed peacefully.

As for your marathon, don't be afraid to set an ambitious goal. If you don't want to publicize it bnefore hand, don't. Just set a back-up goal that you can be happy with if things don't go perfectly which, as you know, happens.

James said...

Our prayers remain for you and your family. Glad to have you back posting.

Slim chance I may be at the sunburst. Just a glutton for punishment. If I decide to go for it, I'll let you know and perhaps we can meet face to face. Either way, good luck!

jen said...

Prayers going out to your family after your Nana's passing. Sounds like she had a wonderful and loving family. :) That's really cool she was in the Navy. (hugs)