Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weather report

May 31

AM Clouds / PM Sun
AM Clouds / PM Sun



9 Comfortable

That is the weather report for South Bend on Saturday. They had been predicting showers, but now it's for an overcast morning in the 50s. YAY. I hope it stays close to that. 73 would be a little on the warm side, but since I'll be (hopefully!) done by 10 I'm not too worried about heat at this point.


Meredith Brooks said...

Best of luck in the marathon this Saturday - the weather forecast looks great! Hopefully it will stay in the 50's/60's for you.

DawnB said...

Good luck this weekend Mir. You're going to rock. You really worked hard for this, Just go out there and do what you do best. Follow your own path and let someone else tag along for the ride.

James said...

Best of luck. Decided not to run. Hope to see you in Louisville in the fall. I can't wait to read your report.

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Aw man, it's going to be perfect!

My two cents -- wear sunscreen and put your sunglasses on your head even if it's cloudy. It was gray all morning at Boston (you wait in a field for about 3 hours), and I checked my sunglasses and only put sunscreen on my face ... And I'll be damned if the sun didn't come out as the gun went off. I got burned on my arms and legs and wished for my sunglasses for a very long time.

Best wishes - can't wait to hear how it goes!

Nitmos said...

I can't believe its your week for the big marathon. Nothing wrong with keeping the BQ out there as a stretch goal. You know your level of training. If you are not quite there, then focus on taking the pre-BQ step, break 4 hours, and position yourself nicely for an attempt in your next one. If you think you are in range, then assess as you go and decide whether or not to Go For It at some pre-determined point. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Saturday!! I'll be cheering you on from home and anxiously waiting to hear how the day goes for you!