Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I ran an easy four yesterday and I just have to say that the hard-won resistance to cold temperatures that I built up last winter has gone. It was only about 40 degrees and I was FREEZING the whole time. Literally, I did not warm up until about 3.5 miles. Yuck. I should not have needed to wear tights at 40 degrees, but I was keenly wishing I had brought them.

This is making me rethink my race day outfit--I had figured on just wearing shorts and a tech tee with a throwaway cotton shirt and maybe throwaway gloves, but now I'm thinking of wearing capri tights (the pair I own have a handy butt-pocket similar to the shorts I had planned on wearing). I'll bring both and make a decision based on the latest weather forecast and how I feel that morning.

Ahh, taper madness in full force. Is it only Tuesday?

Two more runs before the big day.

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Joe said...

I think you will like Saturday's weather. I'd suggest you go with shorts and the throw-away shirts/gloves. Keep your torso warm...the legs will take care of themselves.

Go get 'em!