Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weight woes, just in time for the holidays

Last last week, I began to notice something that usually doesn't register as a blip on my radar: my weight. Actually, I suppose I should say I began to notice it during the summer, and that it entered my radar screen late last week. In short, my weight has been inching up since June. I didn't worry about it--my weight fluctuates within a few pounds' range practically on a daily basis depending on what I eat and how much I run and how warm it is.

But late last week I began to notice that some of my pants are a tad snug. I hadn't weighed myself in awhile, but when I checked, my eyes bugged out--I was six pounds over my usual "high" number. Ooh, time to take steps to fix this problem. So I figure I need to lose about eight pounds in order to fall back into my usual average. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. I mean, all I have to do is stop eating like I'm running 60-mile weeks while I'm running 20-mile weeks.

I usually give myself about a week's vacation from worrying about my nutrition after each marathon, and this time was no exception. That's part of the problem. But the biggest part of the problem is the fact that I did that after Sunburst and really didn't come back from that vacation. I have a BIG sweet tooth, and my willpower apparently got kidnapped while on vacation and may be held hostage somewhere in South America.

Possibly one reason is that I went back to work not long after the marathon. It's so easy to overeat at my workplace, as it is in many workplaces, I'm sure. Candy bowls, potlucks, leftover Halloween candy, "overtime" dinners, random cookies and other treats, birthday cake, going-away cake, OH the list never ends. And how can you say no when co-workers are kind enough to bring food in? I will just have to try and do better.


DawnB said...

you,re not alone, I still battling that 20 pounds.

Nitmos said...

It is easy to do post marathon...and especially this time of the year. Keep focusing on that Last Chance race!

jen said...

I'm very familiar with the weight woes, so I feel ya. It is frusterating when we are so active to have to worry about what we eat. But I'm sure a few healthy choices will get you right back down in your healthy range. Good luck and don't stress it! :)