Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recovery continues and a new race to look forward to

Things have been pretty calm for the past week. I ran about 26 miles last week and this week am shooting for about 35. So far, so good. Monday I picked up the pace a bit and felt very comfortable (although I had stomach troubles, yuck). I'm not going to do any speedwork (other than a few strides, if that even counts) at all until the marathon program calls for it. I'll be building a lot of miles, so adding in much intensity does not sound smart. And given past ruminations, I probably don't really need it.

In fact, I'll be very interested to know how the race I just signed up for goes. It is called the Hangover Classic; it's a 10-miler that takes place on New Year's Day in Louisville. Weather permitting, it's a fast course. By that time I will have maybe one tempo run under my belt, but no other speedwork at all, just easy build-up miles and a few GA runs. It could be an early indication of how my strategy is working for me. And it will definitely give me a clue of what to shoot for at the Last Chance Half in February, which will in turn tell me if I'm ready for my BQ in April. I ran this race back in 2001 on an icy day, so hopefully the weather cooperates. As long as the footing is good and it's not toooo cold, I am good to go. I am so glad to have tune-up races lined up.


James said...

Thanks for reminding me about this race.

I've been logging some 8 mile long runs and this could be a fun way to assess my base conditioning before starting spring marathon training.

Glad to hear everything is going well for you.

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Hey girl! Shoot me a note before hangover; I will probably run it. Not sure if I'll be able to run it hard (Memphis is six days away!), but I could maybe run with you (?) or at least maybe we can chat afterwards and get coffee or something.