Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am starting to lose track of fellow bloggers, forumites, friends, etc., who have lost, are losing, or are worried about losing their jobs. Add that many more who are worrying about loved ones in the same boat. It is scary, not only to think about the many people who will struggle financially through the holiday season and beyond, but I'm also worried about my own job.

I haven't heard anything definite or even any rumors of actual layoffs here, but I still feel vulnerable. After all, I am the newest person in my department and have the least amount of work. I struggle to stay busy on even the busiest of days. My recent review was favorable, and I even brought up my willingness to take on more clients and more work so things would be a little more balanced. But still, as things stand, it's hard not to imagine that if they took a look at our productivity reports, I would be the first to go. My only hope is that although the work isn't enough to keep three people busy all the time, it's a little too much for two people to handle. My clients are demanding and often expect very fast turnarounds, so it's certainly an asset that I'm here to cover that.

Speaking of work, I might have to stay late tonight, so not sure how that is going to mesh with running 9 miles and watching The Office at 9...
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