Monday, December 08, 2008

Pfitz 18/70: Here we go again for the very first time

Yesterday kicked off my latest Pfitz-guided campaign. These programs, ironically, always start off with a rest/XT day. I decided to go for some cross training, so Mark and I headed to the gym. I did some core work and then hopped on the elliptical, easy effort, for an hour.

So I'm very familiar with 18/55, but this will be my first time venturing into ~70 territory. I hope to stay pretty close to the program. I'm apprehensive and excited at the same time. Today is the first run, an innocuous-looking 8 miler + 10 strides. I know that if I can make it through this program with my motivation and body intact, I will have a great shot at finally nailing that BQ. My body is definitely liking the slower running paces lately, so I will be keeping things very easy as I crank up the mileage, other than the LT workouts, strides, and some "fast-finish" long runs.

I'm itching to race again, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find races around here this time of year. Indy has a couple of 5Ks and such, but that's a 100-mile round trip. One hundred miles for a 5K? Nuh-uh. And racing on Christmas weekend doesn't seem to be in vogue either, as I can't find anything happening in Ann Arbor while we'll be there. Looks like I am out of luck until Hangover on January 1.

Big shout-out to all the CIM and Tuscon runners yesterday! Y'all rocked it! Really makes me want to make the trip out to Sacramento to run CIM someday. Wouldn't mind going to Tuscon either. :)

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