Thursday, December 04, 2008

My core is SORE!

I have decided that among the several things I am changing/reviving in my training regimen is strength training. I rarely did any strength training during this last cycle. On Tuesday night I went to the gym on my off day and strength trained the bejeezus out of my core and hips, mainly the sex machine (i.e., the hip ab/adductor), the multi-hip, and the captain's chair. Also did bicycles, planks, and crunches. A LOT of them. Last night, DOMS began to take effect, and today my gait around the office can best be described as that of a wounded duck. I also can't laugh or cough. You would really think that I would know better by now.

I'm actually so sore that I'm considering taking today off from running. Tonight is a group run, which I hate to miss, but I also walk like a zombie, so running may not be the best idea. I'm going to see how I feel walking down the stairs after work. I had to run an errand over lunch, and things seemed to improve after moving around a bit, so perhaps a very easy run would be a good thing. I've been specializing in those lately, so luckily a very easy run is exactly what I had scheduled today. :)

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TiredMamaRunning said...

Now that's a great core workout when you can't laugh or move or do anything else! I'm trying to be better about that core and strength training's sort of a pain to work into the schedule but you're right, it's a good thing to add to a marathon schedule!