Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our haul from Goodwill and the art fair.

Two posts in one day OH THE INSANITY! If you read my running blog, you know that I'm more apt to write only two posts in one month. :) But there is a lot going on with the house, of course, and I am excited about the stuff that I found during our fun day out.

We spent most of the day at Arts on the Square and Taste of Bloomington. I love art fairs, but spend most of my time at them sighing over things that I can't afford. I am especially attracted to ceramic pieces and to wooden pieces. Today I simply couldn't resist this little guy:

I love dragons. I love reading fantasy about dragons and love dragon imagery. So when I see things like this, I just can't resist. I decided he might like a place in my reading corner, which is taking on an Asian flavor.

This is one of the only bits of the house that I've more or less finished. The rest of the room is completely barren and empty. We definitely have a ways to go! But I have my reading nook so I can survive. The dragon is such a nice little detail up there.

So, after a fun but extremely hot and sweaty day at the art fair/food festival, we swung over to the west side to my work because I had left my cell phone there yesterday. Since my work is just a little ways down from Goodwill, we stopped in to see if we could find anything of interest. Found some neat things that just sort of jumped out at me. All for $11!

I have no idea how I'll use this stuff yet. I just liked all the colors!

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