Sunday, June 20, 2010

A tour of Bloomington's private gardens.

Today we spent another day out and about--taking part in the 2010 Garden Walk, a tour of beautiful private gardens in Bloomington. About half a dozen gardens are chosen every year to be stops on the tour. Since I've been so into gardening lately, and thirsty for ideas, it seemed like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The tour starts at the Hilltop Garden, which is IU's botanical garden, and you see each stop at your own pace before ending up at the Monroe County History Center, which is a great little museum.

Not exactly house-related, but here a few of my favorite sights:

I got some great ideas, inspiration, and information.

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Joan said...

Would love to see some pictures of the garden-in-progress at your house. Don't forget to take "before" pictures so we can ooh and ahh over the "after" pictures. Nice to hear you're enjoying the process!