Monday, July 07, 2003

Was slightly freaked out yesterday when Matthew unblocked me and his profile read "Miranda IM: Smaller, Faster, Easier." When I looked it up and found out Miranda IM is a new IM client, I was slightly less freaked out, but only just. I was tempted to IM him and tell him to get my name the hell out of his profile. What a weird name for an instant messenging client, anyway.

I got Saturday and Sunday off--two whole days in a row of lovely absolutely nothing to do! Well, I had plenty to do, but I could choose the order and frequency of those things. Probably should have written another story (I only wrote one), but that's all right...I'll start it over lunch today and finish it tonight. Anyway, Friday sucked because I had to work, but it wasn't much and I ran a road race. The road race went really well--I was a little faster than last weekend, and I actually beat Michelle for the first time in almost three years. Trying not to make such a big deal out of this, since it's not really, but's been a while! Anyway, my time was 22:27 and I won my age group, which meant I got a tacky plastic trophy and had my name called and everything.

Later in the day though Terry wanted to go to Lake Storey to get some pictures, and then of course we had to photograph the fireworks that evening, which meant I couldn't go with my friends. Inbetween, though, was really fun. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Michelle, her sister Amanda, Yuna, and Beth, dabbling our feet in a kiddie pool, and then the McNairs held a barbeque which I was invited to. Sooo much food and ice cream...mmm. During and after dinner, Beth told us all these uproariously funny stories from her time in London and Florence.

Saturday I cooked for everyone...hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, croissants, orange slices, and ice cream with strawberries for dessert. It was a smashing success, even though the croissants were a little singed. I think everyone dug it. =) Then we spontaneously went to see Finding Nemo in Peoria. A very good day all around. Yesterday was very low-key...I did some laundry and wrote the Fourth of July story for The Paper, also did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Since my clothes were all clean, I went ahead and packed the ones I'm going to take to Michigan with me. Called the parents and then Mark to use up some more cell phone minutes...I still have over 400 at this point. I'll probably call Mark again tonight and use up as many as I can before my pay period ends tomorrow.

Only three days until I go visit him! I'm excited. He has to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the day, at BK, but that shouldn't be a huge problem. I'm taking a couple of books, and also my GRE stuff, and I figure I can fart around on his computer if all else fails. Also, apparently his mom has a kayak and borrowed another one, and has offered to take me kayaking on Grand River. Really. That should be fun; I really like his mom (and kayaking). So I'm not too worried about passing the time during the day. We'll still have nights and mornings, and all day on Monday, to spend together.

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