Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I finished Harry Potter two nights ago, at 3:30 am...it was such a busy few days that I had no time to read it, so I just stayed up late a lot. Not a good idea...I was feeling it when I tried to run the Railroad Days 5K. My time was 22:30, which isn't bad for me lately, but I feel like I could have done a lot better. Ah well. There's another 5K in Galva on the Fourth of July, so I'll try to be a little more well-rested for that, and not spend the entire day out in the sun covering stuff. That's the problem with evening races. I also signed up for the Quad Cities Bix 7, a very famous, huge race that should be a lot of fun. That's at the end of July, and then I have the 12.4-mile Chicago Distance Classic coming up the first weekend in August. Good times. =)

Mark got a second job at Target, the 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift. This is good news because he will be making (and saving) a lot of money, but it also means that I won't talk to him much anymore because he'll either be at work or asleep. Even worse, when I come to visit, he'll probably spend a lot of that time working. But, it's for the best. If he can save up enough money, he can go for an internship next summer and not have to worry if it's not paid. If he can find a paid one, well, then so much the better. I hope things work out...

Continue to be very busy with The Paper. This weekend is the 4th of July so I'm assuming there's a lot going on that we'll have to cover. Booooo. I want a day off.

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