Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I think I might get the 4th of July off. Terry said a friend is coming to visit him, and he hasn't mentioned covering anything yet. *fingers crossed* I'll have to wake up early for that race, but after that I can take a nap and do as I please for the weekend (I hope!!).

Michelle and I had an interesting experience yesterday during our tempo run. A little girl started following us on her bike, barking loudly and annoying, apparently doing her best to act and sound exactly like a dog. After a couple of minutes of this, I shouted at her to shut the fuck up. Now, if I'd known it was a 12-year-old girl and not a teenage boy (which I just sort of assumed it was--I mean honestly, is that something a 12-year-old girl would do?), I would have toned down the language. Her response was to "Shut up, bitch!" Nice. I have so much faith in the future. Michelle and I cooled down along the route, having an inkling that the girl and or her parents might have something to say. We were right; either the mother or the older sister shouted at us on our next pass. Michelle stopped and started telling her off. She got a little more apologetic. We apologized and the girl apologized too. I did feel pretty bad about what I said, but I honestly feel I was fairly justified, and obviously the girl is no stranger to those words. Rawr.

The tempo run itself didn't go smashingly well, but it wasn't bad. I ran a 6:41, which was right behind Michelle's 6:33. I might be making it up, but I think I caught up with her a little during the last quarter mile. I felt a little dismayed that my time was about the same as my first mile split during the race on Saturday, but Michelle pointed out that races are a little different, which is very true. It's hard to believe I was going that fast and then kept going--this always amazes me about running. Supposedly if I run slower on the first mile (like just ten seconds slower) it'll make a big difference in how much I have left in the last mile of the race. I'll try not to go out too hard on Friday.

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